Ukrainian Easter Eggs

May second marked the 2021 Orthodox Easter. To celebrate the occasion my household decided to make some traditional eggs. The process is time consuming but the results are lovely. After boiling some eggs, we selected our dyes. The dyes we used were Yellow, Turquoise, Dark Green, Red, and Brick. Preparing the dyes involved mixing boilingContinue reading “Ukrainian Easter Eggs”

Ergodox Build

Over the last month I built my own mechanical keyboard. For years I dealt with having to type with my elbows bent because of my wide shoulders. I dipped a portion of my stimulus into finally achieving two goals: 1) Acquiring an ergonomic keyboard and 2) Making an open source hardware project. Those two goalsContinue reading “Ergodox Build”

Donuts and Coffee

Over a year into this pandemic, and I long for the simpler comforts of 2019. Most Saturdays in the brief period between when I joined the work force as a degree holder and the pandemic, I could be found in a coffee shop. There at my usual corner table, next to the hipster paintings andContinue reading “Donuts and Coffee”

AB13 (2020): California Attempts to Regulate AI

California Assemblymember Ed Chau introduced AB-13 in December 2020 that, if passed in its current state, will enact the Automated Decision Systems Accountability Act of 2021. The ADSA Act as written will do nothing for the public and cost taxpayers. This act does the following: Forces all Automated Decision System (ADS) makers to report toContinue reading “AB13 (2020): California Attempts to Regulate AI”


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